Can first impressions ever be overcome?

Manda Partridge has spent her life proving she is more than the brainless damsel in distress who needs a man to protect her. While her partners in Top Flight give her the respect she desires, that isn’t always the case with her trainees.
When Anders Jorgensson accidently tackles a woman while trying to catch a pass, she is more than a little irritated with him. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but it turns out she is his new Top Flight instructor.
As they spend more time together, things go from bad to worse.
Just when their relationship reaches a boiling point, they get stranded in a foreign country with only each other to rely on. But as their debates become deeper, they discover the person behind the cutting words.
And soon, it’s not just their lives on the line, but their hearts.

She knew falling for her boss was a bad idea, but some lessons take longer to learn.

She knew falling for her boss was a bad idea, but some lessons take longer to learn.
Former Marine, Ridley Westoff wants nothing more than stability for him and his little girl. But with a job that requires constant moving and an ex-wife who abandoned them long ago. It is difficult to ever feel settled.
Adelene Laurent’s career as a model should have left her financially secure, but her misplaced trust has her living paycheck to paycheck. When a stranger offers a job as a nanny for his daughter, Adi hesitantly accepts it even though she has no experience.
They have both vowed to stay away from relationships, but attractions begin to develop on both sides. When Ridley discovers Adi has been hiding a secret, his is not the only heart that could be broken.