Belles of Christmas Series

Spending Christmastide with her was the last thing he wanted.

After the death of her father, Gabriella Babineaux, left France to live under the protection of a family friend in England. The Frost Fair on the Thames seems the perfect place to begin her introduction into English Society, but when she bumps into a gentleman on the ice and he dismisses her merely for being French, she worries she will be a dismal failure at the upcoming Season. How will she ever find love if she cannot even fit in?

Aaron Campbell returned from the Napoleonic wars to assume a family title that was never meant to be his. A fact his mother never fails to point out to him. Hoping to escape his responsibilities for a few hours, Aaron attends the Frost Fair where he bumps into a French girl whose voice triggers unpleasant memories of betrayal. Now he cannot seem to push the voice from the past out of his mind. When Aaron returns to his country estate for Christmastide, the last thing he expects is to spend the holiday with the woman from the fair—the woman who reminds him of all he’s tried to forget.

As their time together passes, Aaron begins to see differences between the woman in his house and the one who betrayed him. But can he allow himself to overlook her heritage and instead see her as the woman he loves?

She thought the mask would protect her identity, but she underestimated his determination to discover who she was.

Peter Blythe, Earl of Rockwell fled England when he was thrown over in favor of his father. Now after nearly ten years, he has returned to England to assume his family title. When he asks a young woman to dance at a masquerade ball, he is intrigued by her wit and charm. The only problem is she refuses to give him her name.

When Lady Caroline unexpectedly meets the man she has always loved at a masquerade ball and he does not recognize her, she is determined to keep her name a secret. What starts out as a game soon becomes much more when she realizes she still loves him, all the while knowing if he knew her true identity, he would never feel the same for her.

When they both return home to their neighboring estates for the holidays, acquaintances from years past threaten to sever more than just their childhood friendship.

Scoundrels, Rakes, and Rogues Series

She is the only woman he has ever loved, but she can't stand the sight of him.

The Secrets of a Scoundrel-Coming February 2021

He never expected to get caught in the parson's mousetrap. Least of all by a friend.

Lord Nathaniel Westlake has a reputation with the ladies, but he has always been two steps ahead of it catching up to him. His last narrow escape lands him on a ship and it seems like the perfect solution. Until he learns the ship is bound for India. The only available woman on board is a lady already wise to his antics. If he makes a muddle of things this time, there will be no escape.

When Miss Justina Tinsdale agrees to accompany her aunt and uncle on their journey to India, the last person she expected to find aboard is Lord Nathaniel. The man seems incapable of remembering his past mistakes and her name, but she does and she won’t let him off so easily. When they’re stuck in each other’s company, she sees a side of him society would never believe, one she never expected. She begins to wonder if he might be worthy of her trust after all.

Lord Nathaniel is determined not to let another woman hurt him, while Justina is sure he only wants to add her to his list of conquests. Will they learn to trust their feelings for one another, or is their friendship destined to break both their hearts?

He has lost everything. She has everything to lose.

Lord Ian Pinkerton enjoyed a carefree life, until his brother cut him off without a penny. After he wins an estate, he thinks his luck may be changing. Until he sees it. With no funds to fix his rundown estate, Ian considers leaving Scotland until he meets his beautiful neighbor. But to his surprise, she seems to detest him.

Catriona Melton, Baroness of Crannach, has been in hiding with her son on a remote Scottish isle. When she meets the handsome Lord Ian, she quickly decides she wants nothing to do with him. But every encounter they have seems to contradict her earlier assumptions.

When an old foe threatens to take everything from Cat, Ian steps in to help and Cat must decide if her old assumptions or her heart will prevail

Unlikely Match Series

A princess in hiding. A gentleman in financial straits. And the accident that brought them together.

Life is falling into place for Dugray Dawson. He has finally purchased a run-down estate of his own. But to make it successful he must work hard and follow his plan precisely. He has no time or inclination toward love. But when he comes upon a carriage accident and the maid who survived, he cannot simply walk away.

Zia Petrovich arrives in England in search of her uncle, a man she has never met, in hopes that he will protect her from an unwelcome arranged marriage. When her carriage crashes, she is removed to the dilapidated estate of a surly, albeit handsome, gentleman who refuses to believe she truly is the princess she claims to be.

When Zia’s betrothed discovers her location, both Zia and Dawson must decide if they will follow their carefully constructed plans or their unreasonable hearts.

Rose Allen was supposed to be duchess when next she came to London. Instead, she was thrown over in favor of her sister. Now, no respectable gentleman, let alone a man of title, will have anything to do with her-except a fortune hunter desperate for her large dowry.

Not only had Lord Oliver Brandon just lost his father, but he had discovered the family coffers are empty. If he is to save his family from total ruin, he needs to find a solution and fast. When approached with an offer for a marriage that includes a handsome dowry, he doesn’t know whether to thank his good fortune or curse his bad luck- because the match also comes with a discontented wife.

In choosing a marriage of convenience, Rose and Oliver may forfeit their pride, but what of their hearts?

He is bound by honor. She is bound by loyalty. Do their hearts stand a chance?

When unexpected deaths leave Tad Wentworth as the heir to an English title, he leaves his American homeland to fulfill his duty. Upon arriving in the country, he discovers an arranged marriage is part of the plan. But when his affections guide him toward a different lady, he must decide if he will follow his heart or his head. 

Violet Allen’s questionable past has left her with few friends. When she meets a dashing stranger who shows interest in her, she allows herself to dream of a future with him. Until she discovers the stranger is not only a Duke but is also engaged to her sister. As her feelings for him grow, she must decide if she will be loyal to her sister or her heart.

Regency House Party Series

He needed a place to hide. She needed a suitable match. Neither thought they would fall in love.

For six years Alex Bellingham has pretended to be a pirate. Then his crew discovered his ruse, forcing Alex to run. His only way out of Portsmouth and away from his pursuers is in the carriage of two unsuspecting ladies.

After an unsuccessful Season and several house parties without any assurances, Abigail Marleigh knows this house party is her last chance. If she is unable to secure a match for herself, her uncle will make good on his threats and arrange a match for her. 

Alex arrives at the house party intending to use it only as a place to hide. To his shock, one of the ladies attending not only knows who he is but also piques more than just his interest. When his crew discovers his whereabouts, Alex knows he can’t risk her safety, even if it means living with a broken heart.

Can she truly love him if she thinks he is someone else?

Jessica Standish is considered an upstart in the eyes of society because she is merely the daughter of a wealthy merchant. After a failed season, the devastating loss of her father and his fortune, her chances of a good match seem impossible. When her mother arranges for them to attend one of the biggest house parties of the summer, Jes dreads the idea of being seen as a fortune hunter. But then Lord Ian arrives. Even though she has only danced with him once, he has become the man of her dreams. As the connection between them grows, he seems so different from the man she thought she was.
Conrad Pinkerton, the Marquess of Kendal despises the ton and all the scheming, the guises and the games that go with it. For years he has declined their invitations. Then his twin brother, Ian, calls in a favor and Conrad grudgingly assumes a guise of his own–pretending to be his brother at a house party. When he meets Miss Standish, he wants nothing more than to pursue her. But that would mean exposing his lies which would hurt both their reputations and threaten the relationship he didn’t know he wanted.
With family names and fortunes on the line, can Conrad and Jes see past their schemes and guises to find a lasting love together?
Mistaken Identity is one of five books all set at the same Regency House Party. While each is a standalone story, watch our characters mingle together with others from the other books in the series. The stories are clean romances and can be read in any order.